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Career Development
Unlock your potential with our Career Development coaching. Personalized guidance, skill-building, and strategic planning for a successful and fulfilling professional journey
Migrate to Australia
Unlock your Australian dream with our expert Migrate to Australia coaching service. Navigate the visa process seamlessly with personalized guidance
Job Readiness
Unlock your career potential with our Job Readiness coaching. Tailored guidance for interviews, resumes, and skills to secure your success

Success Stories

"“Tommy Adebayo has done a commendable job of providing comprehensive know-how and encouragement for potential migrants and new arrivals struggling to reach their full career prospects"

Pastor New Life Community Baptist Church, President of AusCongo
Network Inc.

“Tommy Adebayo has put an incredible effort into preparing this reference guide for new migrants. A valuable resource to learn about living the Australian way of life.”

Coach & Consultant, Founder SMB Health

“It is important that new migrants get good information and advice about orientation and settling in Australia such as is provided by Tommy Adebayo. Participating economically is particularly important for people new to this country.”

CEO AMES Australia

How much does it cost?

Standard Session
this is a 50-minute online coaching session. AU $150 incl GST
Mini Session
this is for short follow up discussions as needed. AU $50 incl GST

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